Written by Jeremy Hassan, Friday 27th Jan 2012

The elite tryouts is still going on and the numbers have dropped since monday, yesterday it was muay thai on the schedule and i havent done any MT since my fight in september so i was abit rusty, ofcourse i’ve done some standup sparring but not as much as i used to do at Tiger. Did the last 10-15min with sparring. Mainly focus on the sparring was kicking, always try to end your combination with a kick.

Came home 7am this morning after a long day and night at work so I’ve been sleeping most of the day. Watched a mini documentary called Road to ADCC with Braulio Estima about his is preperations against Jacare. Its a few months old and the fight have already happened but its always nice with a good documentary. So if u got the time check this four part documentary:

episode 1

episode 2

episode 3

episode 4

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