Jonny Betts

Jonny Betts is a passionate Muay Thai fighter from England.

A veteran of both the King’s and Queen’s Birthday events,Jonny has a strong,walk forward clinch and knee style.

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Thursday 29th Mar 2012
Tough love

Phalangphet (better known by his nickname E) has really been getting beasted by the trainers recently. His brother Yodbuaphet (Kok) is still recovering from an injury so the full focus of the trainers in the fighters ring has been on E. Still in his early teens, he is a bright prospect known for...

Monday 26th Mar 2012
Isuzu cup finals

This past Saturday the finals of 22nd Isuzu cup tournament were held at Omnoi stadium in Bangkok and broadcasted on Channel 3. The final was between Singmanee Kaewsamrit and Superbon Lookjaomaesaivaree. There has been a big hype for this fight for weeks and it did not disappoint. In an exciting...

Monday 19th Mar 2012
The return of Mon

I was really happy when I saw Simon (aka Mon) come back to the gym 2 weeks ago. Mon is the son of Muay Thai legend Pairot Wor Wolapon (aka Goi), who is currently in Luxembourg training Claire Haigh and Brian Robertson for their fights on March 31st. I've known Mon since he first came to Phuket as a...

Tuesday 6th Mar 2012
Good to be back!

After nearly 10 months of boredom in England, I'm so happy to be back at Tiger. This place really feels like my home, and my trainers and training partners are my family. Still have some issues with injuries that hold me back from doing some things and need to get sorted (on the National Health...

Tuesday 4th Oct 2011
Recovery update

Over the past few weeks I've been working hard on my rehab and steadily getting stronger and stronger. My right hip is nearly back to being as strong as my left, just a few more weeks of doing rep after rep of slow and controlled strengthening exercises and I'll be back kicking and kneeing at full...

Wednesday 24th Aug 2011
Getting better…

I've been following the physio schedule my awesome sports doctor gave me for nearly 3 weeks now, and I'm already seeing a big improvement. My injured hip is a lot less painful and getting stronger everyday. I should be back to 100% in another two months and then will be back to Phuket :) Last...