Written by Jonny Betts, Wednesday 24th Aug 2011
Getting better…

I’ve been following the physio schedule my awesome sports doctor gave me for nearly 3 weeks now, and I’m already seeing a big improvement. My injured hip is a lot less painful and getting stronger everyday. I should be back to 100% in another two months and then will be back to Phuket :)

Last night I did some sparring for the first time since I got injured. I took it really easy so as not to risk re-injuring myself, mainly just kicking with my left leg. Very happy to be back doing some kind of Muay Thai training. I know it sounds sad, but without Muay Thai my life is really empty.

Another thing I’m happy about is the progress of the guys I’m training. They are coming on leaps and bounds, with massive improvements in their technique and fitness. Hope to get a few of them doing some fights before I go back to TMT.

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