Jonny Betts

Jonny Betts is a passionate Muay Thai fighter from England.

A veteran of both the King’s and Queen’s Birthday events,Jonny has a strong,walk forward clinch and knee style.

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Monday 8th Aug 2011

A few weeks ago I went to see a physio who thought I could have a tear of the labrum in my hip. This really got me down, as that would mean having to undergo surgery and a period of time on crutches. She referred me to a sports injury specialist and I'm really glad she did. The doctor who's...

Saturday 16th Jul 2011
Sagetdao Phetpayatai vs Phetboonchu F.A.Group

My injured leg is healing up, but I still can't train so I'm getting extremely frustrated. The only thing that has kept me sane is watching the latest fights from Thailand on youtube. Sagetdao and Phetboonchu are two of my favourite fighters, and are at the top of their weight division. They've...

Wednesday 22nd Jun 2011
I love youtube!

One of my favourite things to do on the weekends when I'm in Phuket is to hang out with the trainers and my training partners and watch the Muay Thai fights on TV. Now that I'm back in the UK, I can't watch the fights with my friends but thanks to some nice uploaders, I can at least watch the...

Tuesday 14th Jun 2011
Teaching again :)

Just got back from my first night back teaching Muay Thai in England.While I was in Thailand, the old gym I used to teach at closed down, but recently my friend Liam started classes back up at a new gym ( It feels great to be teaching again.I love being able to share what...

Thursday 9th Jun 2011
I miss clinching…

Was going through my camera today and found a video I took during my last day at the gym.Watching it made me miss training so much.Gotta get healed up as soon as...

Tuesday 7th Jun 2011
Back in England

Arrived in London this morning.Damn it's cold here!I'm not complaining though,it's actually quite nice to have a change from the tropical climate of Thailand.Just need to stop wearing shorts and flip flops... My mum,sister and my 6 month old nephew met me at the airport.Great to see my family...