Written by Brian Robertson, Sunday 3rd Jul 2011
The Toilet!

Well, here I am again at my home away from home at Tiger Muay thai in Phuket. I haven’t been here that long and have already battled my way through a prolonged bout of stomach problems that had me stopping in between pad rounds and runnin’ to the bathroom. Thanks to repeated meals of khao tom, I finnally got myself settled in and training full steam.

However, this last week of gastrointestinal difficulties earned me a very unfortunate nickname from my Thai trainers. I am now referred to as “TOILET”. I wonder how long that name will last. As far as fights go, I have a Muay Thai fight lined up for June 27th at Patong Boxing Stadium followed by a San Da fight in China on July 7th.

Stay tuned folks! Big things are on the horizon for the “TOILET”.

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