Written by Brian Robertson, Thursday 22nd Sep 2011
Where’s Cesar Millan when you need him!

I got myself  in a bit of a pickle while running yesterday afternoon.  A couple of miles away from the gym, I spotted two soi dogs up ahead that seemed to be a bit aggressive.  This happens often in Thailand so I usually just slow down a little and ease my way around them and everything is cool.  This particular time, however, I failed to see the rather large pit bull mix that was rootin around in what seems to be a junk yard about ten meters off the road.  As soon as he saw me, he took off snarling and runnin toward me!  This set off the original two soi dogs and they joined the chase.  So there I was, shuckin and jivin, in an attempt to dodge the three blood thirsty mutts while lookin for a tree to climb or SOMETHING.  Out of nowhere, an old Thai guy came flyin up in a scooter and got in between me and the dogs!  Using the scooter as a barrier, I ran along side him until we got far enough down the street that the dogs gave up chase.  I thanked the old man and kept on truckin.  Just another day in AMAZING THAILAND!

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