Written by Matthew "Sobek" Semper, Wednesday 5th Dec 2012
WPMF King’s Birthday

So its been a pretty crazy week! One opponent cancels and another a no show X_x
I still had an awesome fight against Max Saengmorakot!
i really didnt have many problems during the fight other then some blood getting in my eyes…BUT AFTER i had to get the cuts stitched up n the guy was ripping them open deeper n stabbing n pulling on my skin like he has never done it before…really was the worst stitch job i have ever gotten n gonna have to get them recut n restitched. My eye is almost swollen shut from the job he did on the ones below my eye…
ANYWAYS if u havent checked out the vid DO SO NOW then come back n take a look at the photos at the bottom of the page :)
Shout outs to my Team helping me prep, Jacob @FigureOfFighting for doin all the video n photos N BIG shout out to Diana from Rawai Muay Thai for tryin to calm me down while getting stitched up :P

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