Written by Robert Bregante, Sunday 14th Aug 2011
I love sundays!!!!!

After a long week of training, I always look forward to sundays. Even if it is just spent doing nothing, it is a great day for rest and relaxation, so the body can heal and get ready for another week of intense training. It’s also a great day to cheat on your diet if you have remained strict throughout the week, or go to the beach. For me, I have one week left of training before my fight, so I am using this sunday to get my body ready for an intense week of training.

I wish it was sunny outside, because I could use a beach day, as I have been told by a few of my friends that I am looking quite pale. Its hard to believe that I can be living on an Island and still look this pale. Hopefully I can get to the beach and work that out before my fight!

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