Written by Robert Bregante, Tuesday 14th Jun 2011
Injuries come with the territory!

Injuries are an unfortunate inevitability in this sport, they come with the territory. They still suck none the less. My last fight I suffered an unfortunate injury to my leg. I kicked my opponent and he responded with an elbow to my shin. Needless to say it split wide open. The unfortunate thing is that it happened in the first round. I managed to fight the full five rounds but lost my fight on points. Still better than loosing via knockout or TKO!!

As far as training, as soon as my stitches were removed, I started training moderately again. Its been about 2 months now and my leg is finally starting to feel strong again. There is still a little swelling but no pain, I think its time to pick up the level of intensity and start training for another fight. Im dying for a rematch against this guy. I figure If I can stand toe to toe on one leg for five rounds and only loose on points, my odds will be pretty good with two strong legs.

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