Written by Brian Ebersole, Thursday 16th Aug 2012
New Staff at Tiger Muay Thai

Athlete: Brian Ebersole

Date: August 12, 2012

Location: Sydney, Australia

Back in Australia, but it’s COLD… How did this happen? I’ve been through the USA summer. Travelled to England, expecting the chill, and found summer again. But my luck ran out, as I entered Australia for the first time in four months. Winter is upon this great continent, and my toes are feeling it….

Enough about the weather and the small talk, I’ll fill you in on my thoughts regarding recent MMA news and my movements across the globe.

Edgar vs. Henderson II:

Why can’t Edgar catch a break with the judges? He was the champion and lost his belt in a decision that was quite controversial. I always adhered to the adage that, “To be the champion, you’ve gotta beat the champion”. I felt Edgar would garner the judges decision after the first 5-round affair. And from all accounts, it seems that many experts (including a host of UFC fighters that took to Twitter), he’d outscored Henderson in this rematch…

Bit of empathy for Frankie, as more than 1/2 of my 15 losses have come by decision (many of them have been split decisions too)…. And I can’t really think of any of them that I feel I truly lost. But whaddya do?

Edgar drops to 145? I hear that his coach recently said he could/should drop to 135. Can you imagine?

Oh, and did you read about the “altercation” at the press conference? Apparently the two managers had a bit of a scuffle. No details, confirmed by both sides anyway, have emerged —but with this much smoke, there was certainly some sort of fire!

Jones vs. Henderson

Mr. Youngblood vs. the last of the “Old Guard”. This is a fight that I am anxious to watch. And truth be told, one of the very few PPV’s that I’m ready to purchase should it come to that. Jon Jones has one of the more diverse striking games in MMA, and many feel that Dan Henderson’s striking game is a “one-trick pony”, being that H-Bomb of a right hand.

And with both of them being master-grapplers, this one could certainly be dictated by the striking game. Who wins this one? The fans! It’s truly one of the more intriguing matchups in sport, for those that have followed the progression of MMA for the last few years. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Jon Fitch returns

I’m one of his biggest supporters, as I know the athlete and the man. Truly one of the best stories in all of MMA. And his (and that of AKA) new documentary is coming soon, so keep an eye out for it. Jon has a tough task, in the young and dynamic Erick Silva of Brazil. Can Fitch return to his long-held spot of #2 in the world, and perennial #1 contender (no matter who we’d seen fight GSP for the title, none had beaten Fitch to get there!!!). This will be another PPV that I’ll eagerly spend my ducats on.

Tiger Muay Thai

Tiger Muay Thai has hired me as an MMA Instructor, for 2013. They’ve also hired a new BJJ BB from Brazil, named Fernando Maccachero. Fernando has taught in the USA and Brazil, and should bring a great skill-set to the TMT camp, and being 40+ years old, he’ll have experience, patience, and a philosophy that we could all learn from. The TMT MMA program also benefits from the hiring of Roger Huerta, who will live in Phuket year-round. An amazing wrestler and accomplished mixed martial artist, Roger has cultivated a passion for teaching that will endear him to the innumerable students who embark on the journey to Tiger Muay Thai each year.

I’m excited to be able to work and train alongside such professionals. And I eagerly anticipate my own return to Phuket in September…

Besides the newly assembled coaching staff, TMT has also committed to an athletic scholarship program. This program will see a number of athletes gain a scholarship that will subsidize housing, food, and training costs in Phuket, for the entire 2013 calendar.

My time in Australia

I’ll spend my time in Australia, travelling, coaching, and considering my future plans. A recent MRI will go a long way in dictating how I spend my time, for the rest of 2012. Fingers crossed that corrective exercise will take precedence over the option of corrective surgery…. But once healthy and medically cleared, I’ll certainly be knocking on the door of the UFC’s matchmaker, Joe Silva, and chasing another challenge inside the Octagon.

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