Written by Brian Ebersole, Wednesday 30th May 2012
They call me the wanderer

Brian Ebersole

May 29, 2012

Current Training Location:
Las Vegas, Nevada
Drysdale BJJ

Competition Countdown:
3 training weeks + fight week = June 22 Competition

This week’s list of goals:
Get submitted often = learn logical defenses
Do not get concussed in sparring sessions
Push through sprint sessions – test cardio
Measure heart-rate recovery with heart-rate monitor

Last week, I spent my training time in Springfield, Illinois. I was fortunate to train alongside Coach Marc Fiore, best known as Matt Hughes’s cornerman during his epic title runs. Coach Fiore has recently opened FioreMMA, after departing from the H.I.T. Squad where he was a founding member.

I found my way to Springfield, along with my partner Alecia and ATT BJJ specialist, Ben Stark. As you’ll recall, I met Ben at Tiger Muay Thai last October, where he put on an amazing BJJ clinic for all of the guests.

Upon arrival, we checked into the Super 8 Motel which was walking distance to the training centre. This proved rather convenient as it saved transit time… And with the session times being 9am and 2:30pm, there was little time to waste between the day’s sessions…

I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in a room that had a familiar feel. It was truly a wrestling room, with a wrestling mentality, and a wrestler leading the sessions. I found myself enjoying some of the best training days in some time, as the quality of the partners, pace of the session, and focused instruction/technique made for a great combination. Even during our technique sessions, there was a threat of fatigue an failure due to the real pressure that comes with drilling with someone that has wrestled in the past. I attest, there’s a huge difference in drilling with a BJJ practitioner as opposed to an MMA wrestler. And it’s a difference that greatly changes the quality of a session.

I’ll say it again, I had a GREAT week. Alongside two Tiger Muay Thai alums (Ben Alloway and Ben Stark), TJ Waldburger’s last UFC opponent (Jake Hecht), UFC Middleweight (Dustin Jakoby), and a world-class wrestling coach (Marc Fiore) — only an injury could have dampened the week. Finding myself healthy and able to make it through 9 workouts in 5 days, I’m extremely pleased with the decision to venture into Southern Illinois to train with these good ole boys!

Currently, I sit on a plane headed for Las Vegas, Nevada. Robert Drysdale’s BJJ Academy is my destination. I had been introduced to Robert through my UFC cornerman (Taff Davies of The Arena – Rockingham) and through DominanceMMA in Melbourne. I’ve had the pleasure (not many would call it that) of having Mr. Drysdale humble me, redirecting my best grappling efforts as nobody has ever done before. And considering his abilities as athlete and coach, not to mention the gravitational pull he seems to have; attracting a who’s who of MMA athletes to his Las Vegas Academy — I’ve decided to spend two of my most crucial training weeks under his guidance.

My June 22 bout is versus a talented submission artist, thus the trip is quite logical…. But in the grand scheme of things, this trip is one of personal growth. I’ll take much away from this period. Maybe I won’t be able to implement it all, immediately. But I dare say that there will be lessons that resonate and ruminate in my mind for quite some time, thanks to Mr. Drysdale and the talented athletes with whom I’ll share mat space.

Very excited. This is one of the mecca’s of our sport, and I’m very grateful for the circumstances that have allowed me the freedom and resources to embark on this training journey.

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