Written by Brian Ebersole, Wednesday 18th Jul 2012
When a holiday becomes a training camp..

Upcoming Event – UFC 149 (July 21st)

Just one month after my last Octagon appearance, I’m set to return to the UFC’s grand stage. During most of my career, this would appear normal. However, with the UFC, such quick turnarounds are uncommon. Due to the large number of athletes, and despite the increasing amount of annual events, the turnaround for an athlete is usually 4 months. I, for one, and happy for a return to my former normalcy. Waiting 4 months between bouts, for me, is not ideal.

I currently find myself staring into the beautiful Smokey Mountains, thankful to be coming off of another win, vs. TJ Waldburger, and ready for the next challenge. I’d begun a lazy and joyous week of food, beer, and fight fans — as I took to Las Vegas after the June 22 fight. However, it was quickly interrupted by an email/offer from UFC Matchmaker Joe Silva. Claude Patrick had pulled himself, due to a knee injury, from UFC 149 in Calgary. Needing a Welterweight replacement, I’m sure J. Silva emailed a fair few guys. I’m thankful that I was able to get my foot in the door. Though I was enjoying Mojito’s in Vegas, with plans for many more before the week was over, I enjoy competing much more.

It was not a tough decision, giving up the joys (and sins) of Las Vegas, to begin/continue fight camp. I find myself on a magical 4-0 run, and am keen to keep the momentum going. With a change in weight-class looming, another win at WW can do nothing but solidify my claim to be one of the best fighters in the UFC… And bringing wins vs. WW’s, into the LightWeight Division — I hope to be thrown into the mix with the best in that division.

I’ve got a very long drive home, to Illinois, tomorrow. And I eagerly await the arrival of my cornerman, Ed Bavelock. We’re looking at a great week of workouts, leading into a welcome challenge that is Mr. James Head.

The Calgary card has been decimated by injury, and from all accounts (media reports, facebook, twitter, etc.), my addition to the card has added some excitement. I am glad to provide some source (however small) of solace to the hard-working fans who’ve purchased tickets to the event… Some of which have been severely disappointed with the rate of injury causing the fight card to change drastically from the original advertised lineup.

Hoping for a warm welcome to this bout, unlike many of my others. But prepared for even the fiercest of boos or most deafening of silences. My true concern lies in my own performance, and over the next week I’ll be working to tune in my cardio, mobility, strategy, and mindset.

I’ll see you all on the other side of what I hope can be an exciting bout. Just hoping the excitement doesn’t have to stem from an Ebersole comeback from first round catastrophes, again. I’m not a fan of causing heart attacks amongst my closest supporters!!!

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