Written by Jamie Mackinnon, Tuesday 6th Sep 2011
Gotta keep moving

Just heard this song and it’s really made me think. It isn’t really the type of song I would expect to relate to but I did :)

I’ve been away from home for almost 2 and a half years. I started off my adventure with a some what uncertain goal in mind. Looking back on things I guess I was at a bit of a crossroads in my life not knowing what to do. I was 25 working a job I was not overly motivated for and no real goal in my life, I just seen myself being unhappy living life just to survive and pay bills. The only thing I had a real passion for was training MMA at my gym in Scotland Shooters Dundee. I know I’m not a great fighter but the simple fact is it’s one of the only things I really enjoy and that makes me happy. It’s the self discipline and personal challange of always trying to become better and learn more that makes it so rewarding. I took the decision to go on a journey of self discovery doing something I loved not knowing what or where I would end up. Sometimes really doubting myself in the decisions I have made, thinking I should have stayed home working away but I know I made the right decision.

Still I don’t have a full plan of action I’m just continuing on this journey taking everything that comes my way and trying to do the best I can in everything I do. I don’t exactly know what it is I am wanting to achieve and prove to myself but I know I will find it one day just got to keep moving, keep climbing and keep the faith.

Without the love for training and competing I would not be where I am today – in Thailand doing something I love. It’s never easy and has been a rollercoaster ride with it’s exciting ups and its crazy downs.

Crazy but this song has done a good job of giving me a little more hope and motivation.

I believe life is about living and being happy so do what makes you happy no matter what happens and what obsticles are put in your way NEVER stop believing NEVER stop trying to reach your goals and dreams….. it’s all about the climb, ain’t about how fast you get there…….. one day you will :)

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