Written by Jamie Mackinnon, Tuesday 13th Sep 2011
Team TMT go 3-0 :)

Last night I fought at Patong Boxing Stadium along with fellow TMT fighters Brain Robetson and young Thai fighter Simon.

Simon is the son of Kru Goi and is only 16yrs old. He was up first and set the tone by winning his fight by decision after a 5 round back and forth battle.

Up next was Brain who is a mutliple time guest at TMT and had recently fought on the pretigous Queens Cup in Bkk. Brain came out strong landing solid leg kicks. In the 2nd rnd Brains Thai opponant went to check a kick but Brain faked a lead leg kick and when his opponant went to check he landed a brutal kick to the Thai’s rear leg buckling him and sending him to the ground. On the slow motion reply you see the kick land just above the knee and it looked like it done some damage *cringe*

So it was up to me to get the clean sweep. I had found out on arriving at the stadium I was going to be fighting Banyat. Banyat is the Thai I fought in my last fight on the 25th and he was keen for a rematch. I was told by Kru Goi to come out aggressive and knee knee knee so that’s what I tried to do. Coming out I pressed forward to get the clinch. After working in the clinch we broke away on I managed to catch him with a right hand dropping him. I smelt the blood and after the standing count I rushed in to try land more and got caught with my gaurd down allowing Banyat to land a sweet elbow. It landed clean and dazed me I stopped going forward and was waiting to feel the blood run down my face but was lucky it never opened a cut. When I knew I was not cut I went forward again and we clinched again but this time he landed 3 consecutive knees to my groin and as I was backing up in a little pain the cheecky chap tried to head kick me but lucky for me the ref had already moved in and he took the kick lol. After recovering I went all guns blazing and landed another punch this time he never got up :)

So all in all a good night and 3 Wins for the camp. Going back to training today we were told it all goes down again on the 26th Sept with all 3 of us fighting again so we will be looking to go 3-0 once again :)

Will post Video soon

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