Written by Matthew "Sobek" Semper, Friday 21st Sep 2012
A test of Heart?…BRING IT

SOOOO after being out of training for over a month I had a fight set up… My opponent was a no show so the head trainer from Patong Boxing Gym stepped in to take his place.

Sonram Kiatbusaba is a SUPER strong fighter that was once a Northern Thailand Champion and had well over 200 fights under his belt. Sonram is one of the guys I love to see fight cus he brings everything hes got into the ring and doesnt back down for a second.

This was DEFINITELY a big step up for me! If I were to get a win over Sonram I could truly say I was one of best in phuket… Im still up there in the ranks with my teammates n a few others…SO I AM STILL PRETTY CLOSE :P

Well we both were going shot for shot in round one and round two. He had caught me with a left that threw me off balance but I stayed up kept it moving. Then i returned fire with a my right(Songkram) and knocked him off balance before the round ended.

In round three I took a kick to the calf when i went to check a kick to my thigh n it locked up on me. I got up and went back in to bang! I caught Sonram with some SOLID knees that would break a normal man but this machine just wanted more of me… X_x SO I GAVE HIM MORE!

Round four came around and he knew that my game plan was gonna be to step knee so he didnt want me getting close. I Went for the clinch and landed a few big shots. Knowing he couldnt take much more of those knees he went in for the kill on my leg and it payed off for him.

Even though I lost and im barely able to walk. I am still happy I was able to get in to the ring with a guy I like him. I had gone into this fight with NO training in the last month. I went into the fight with only heart and the techniques my trainers and teammates have given me. My trainer Nontachai was proud and amazed I did so good with no training time and said when I get back he is gonna make me a beast so I can kill Sonram next time we meet!

I definitely see a rematch between me and Sonram in the near future… maybe even some money put on the line ;)

My vlog post and fight video will be up in a day or so… SO STAY TUNED! ^_^

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