Written by Matthew "Sobek" Semper, Thursday 12th Jul 2012
Ride it out!!!

so yea last night i went to war and it was a good one! We were getting into some good exchanges. later in the fight io started to dominate in the clinch and was about to win the fight when less then a min before the end of the round got hit with a elbow in the mouth that broke my front tooth so i had to call it… FUCKIN BLOWS

So after the fight the whole tiger crew that came to the fights went to the hospital for the stitches in my lip then had to wait until 1pm today to find out if there was anything they could do for my tooth. the team at Dente Smile took good care of me n didnt feel a thing but i could see my friend JP that was with me going nuts cus of how crazy my mouth looked at the time.

So yea…Im not gonna be as hansom as normal for a month or so then i can get an implant put in and HOPEFULLY can look like my ol self again.

This kind of thing come with the job. breaking bones, losing teeth n gettin KOd is normal it just sucks it had to be my front tooth n totally screw up my sexy ass smile :P

Im not gonna stop fighting cus of this lil set back! i will b back to training next week i think to start getting ready for my fight in China.

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