Written by Matthew "Sobek" Semper, Tuesday 10th Jul 2012
Get well little bro :(

So yea…Im not a very emotional guy and even when someone close to me has lost a life or is badly injured i will not shed a tear or go into a depressed state like others do…I Just keep focused and train harder to keep my mind off of the bad thats going on around me. I didnt grow up in a very nice neighborhood and have been around gangs, drugs and guns all my life. When i was a kid I had friends that lost lives for a pair sneakers and others for wearing the wrong color clothing. So after a while you block a lot that is going on and keep it moving because it happens so often… Even though we didnt grow up in the best of areas we worked our ass’s off with what we had and it has made me the strong man i am today and always having my eyes wide open to the world but still have tunnel vision on the prize. This is both a good and bad thing! If something goes wrong i dont go very far off track but then again dont have feelings towards a lot of people until its too late.

My little brother Daniel is one that I REALLY feel like shit for not spending more time with. I have only seen him 2x since he was put into the hospital. That being not just because I have my fight career to worry about but its just tough seeing him in so much pain and not knowing what you can do to help or fix the situation…Im sorry for not checking up on him all the time like Robin & Danny have done. I just start to tunnel vision about fighting and blocked that bit of Daniel out…Once again im super sorry for that.

Daniel is a very talented young fighter that has made it his goal to be a champion. You dont see many kids out there with as much dedication to the sport. Daniel has been training out here since he was 18yo. He has 35 fights and a pretty decent record of wins.

Daniel was found in the hospital and was said to have been in a motorbike accident but we think there was definitely some foul play involved and was beaten and left for dead. He had a badly broken jaw, busted arm, brain swelling and damaged vertebrae.

There is a Daniel Ketley Fund online and we will have some fund raisers for to help pay for medical bills and procedures. Check it out and help this young man get back on his feet and back in the ring!

We have had many good times together and hate not having him around right now.

I Actually dedicated my last victory to Daniel but was too injured my self to even let him know how I did. I will be fighting again tomorrow night and once again my next W will be for my lil bro! get well soon kiddo!

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