Written by Muhsin Corbbrey, Tuesday 14th Jun 2011
On To The Next One

Another trip to “The Land of Smiles” is in the books.  this was an absolutely amazing trip that taught me a lot about me.  I definitely grew as a person during this training camp and also grew as a martial artist.  Training with Thais will make you or break you.  It seems that everyday they want to see how far they can push you before you crumble.  If you push through and take your beatings like a man then you earn their respect and they will help raise you to a different level.  Kru goi, Kru Moo and Kru Yod all played a role in my growth.  I feel like I took another step towards being the fighter I want to be on this trip.  Everyday is a grind but I feel like I made significant steps towards being happy with who I am as a fighter.  Remember, I said I took steps, not that I am content.  I will never be content and always work to progress.  

Even though I know I won my fight I refuse to let the outcome sway my drive.  One thing that I learned from Thailand is that the journey is what is important and that a fight is just a fight.  I know I won as does everyone else that watched the fight so I am putting this fight behind me and moving on to the next one.  Hopefully the next one will be a rematch but whoever it is you will see the best Muhsin Corbbrey there is.  If you dwell on the past you leave no room to ponder the future.  

I am looking forward to my return.  There is no comparison to the training environment at Tiger Muay Thai.  Being able to break away from the stress of everyday life and focus 100% on perfecting your craft with world class trainers and training partners quickly elevates you to another level.  I love the grind and look forward to the next challenge.

On to the next one!

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