Written by Muhsin Corbbrey, Wednesday 29th Jun 2011
Why I Fight

Why I fight

I embarked on this journey for clarification…….. Purification. It was my crutch when I decided a change was needed, when I wanted to leave negativity in the past and needed something to occupy my time. I learned discipline and how to be goal drivin at an early age from martial arts. I needed it back in my life. If you are not struggling you are not living. If are not striving to better yourself on a daily basis you are already dead.

I enjoy the camps, the pain, the exhaustion. The team spirit. Each person pushing his partner to work harder. To be his best. We raise each other to a higher level.

Now my only question is why can’t we emulate this in community life. Why do we not want better for our brother? To all the martial artist out there that can relate to this, let’s take these qualities outside the training hall.

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