Written by Jimmy Irvine Allan, Friday 2nd Dec 2011
“The Muay Thai Shuffle” & Thank Goodness for Thai Massage!!

Another 2 weeks goes by. Boom just like that, how time flies when your having so much fun. Some people would disagree however to calling it fun but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This week the training has picked up another notch. Unfortunately I never made class yesterday, I could only run due to my shoulder giving me a bit of jip after landing on it during clinching the day before. The trainers have decided I’ll fight on Monday the 12th this month so this is another reason the training has picked up for me, along with the mental edge it gives you when you know your preparing for an up coming fight. Also one of my TMT team mates Brian Robertson is heading up to Bangkok tonight as he is fighting on Sunday for part of the Kings Birthday celebrations. Which is with out a doubt the most prestigious event in Thailand to happen so to fight at this is a mega achievement to put on your record. I know he’s put in the work this week and the previous weeks as we’ve went through the punishment together so he’s defo ready for war.

However I don’t think we would have got through the last week if it weren’t for Thai massage! I thought I was well rested over the weekend, managed to not have a drink of alcohol on Saturday night at the BBQ Beatdown.(Not an easy task by the way!! Especially when everyone’s like “Come on I thought Scottish people can drink! Let’s get a whiskey ya wimp!”) But surprisingly I kept to my guns and had a weekend without it. What a laugh and great night the BBQ always is. And when your sober it’s even crazier because you really see what everyone’s up to. :)

So I wake up Monday Morning and head out for a run, but man were my muscles still stiff. Done my training Sparring, padwork, bagwork, clinching then conditioning drills, as normal another EPIC session. Then could hardly walk afterwards, it felt like I’d been knocked over by a train. ” F#*k it’s only Monday ” I say to myself. So as I’m doing what Brian calls the “Muay Thai shuffle” over to the Tiger Grill to get a protein shake. He’s doing the same at this point. We decide to go for a Thai massage. So home quick shower, chill out for a bit then we head across the road from our apartments to the massage place. Both doing the “Muay Thai Shuffle” again at this point. Into the Massage and BOOM let them get stuck in with there knees, elbows, walking across your back and legs, popping and cracking is all you hear. It’s a bit like Muay Thai really just more painful! Apart from after 1hr of getting this done, good bye “Muay Thai shuffle” we are both walking normal again, and ready to get up and train again, Happy Days!

So it’s Tuesday, wake up 6am. Quick NutritionX protein shake & peanut butter sandwich and out the door running. Body feeling so much better after the night before massage. Run 4 miles, chill for a bit then start smashing pads and bags again. 45mins clinching then Koi decides its leg conditioning day and o my does he know how to kill your legs. Manage to get through the session somehow, eat then sleep and up again for the afternoon session. Afternoon session starts 2.5 hrs later it’s finished, what’s happened though, we’ve all got the “Muay Thai shuffle” again!!! I decide that night I wasn’t going to get a massage 2 nights in a row and wait until the next night. Which I did and man yet again it helped so much the next day always coming in feeling, I’ll not say perfect but so much better, and with no Shuffle.

Now we’re on first name bases with the masseurs they know us and our bodies that well. And for a whole hour long massage and semi chiropractor treatment, is only the equivalent of £4 or $6. Giving them halve the amount again as a tip goes a long way also.

Due to the fact I’m not training this afternoon because of my shoulder, Guess where I’m heading now :)

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Cheers Jimmy

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