Written by Jimmy Irvine Allan, Saturday 25th Feb 2012
Where have I been(Thailand)

Wow, it’s been 6 weeks or so already since my last blog. To tell you the truth I’ve been re-training myself to study and learn which has been interesting and tiring to say the least. Tiring in a completely different way to training Muay Thai. I’ve always been a hand to eye type of person ever since I left school, through becoming a carpenter & joiner, playing many sports and of course always doing martial arts.

In the last month I’ve been back at school here in the Kingdom of Thailand. Learning to speak Thai and how to teach English as a second language(TESL/TEFL). This involved learning the methodology in how we teach a language without speaking the students native tongue. This also included learning proper English grammar. This was pretty hard even though Scotland’s native tongue is English. It is a pretty obscure version of English and man did I get told this by the lecturers! All in all it was a pretty interesting, challenge and hopefully a well worth it course. Now I’m looking to do private lessons or groups sessions teaching English to Thai’s or Scottish people a like around my training schedule.

Even though I love training every day, fighting every 2-3 weeks and seeing myself grow as a fighter every week. Learning new techniques, getting faster, sharper, stronger and simply becoming a more fulfilled martial artist. However in reality fighting every 2-3 weeks can be extremely punishing on the body and almost impossible. Once a month is a lot more doable and less punishing on the body. Even once every 4 weeks is sometimes simple impossible. Be it you get cut, break a bone or take a couple bad knock outs. Being a fighter you experience all 3 of these from time to time(often). Meaning you need the time to recover, train sensible. Training the body and mind that isn’t injured, until your ready to get back in there and rip it up. This is one valuable lesson I’ve learnt whilst being in Asia, there is always something you can do when you’ve got an injury. Depending on the injury of course, but there is always something to keep the mind and body active.

Ok we’ve all done it. Got knocked out, broke a bone. Maybe got back in there a little early again, it can be done. Thai fighters here in Thailand do it almost every time. Especially when they need the money. Most people here don’t have any other options. Now I’ve experienced it from real practise, I believe it was a valuable lesson in understanding what Thai boxing is really like here in Thailand, understanding how and why Thai people fight. Smashing out 19 fights or so in just over 18 months. Most were roughly every 8-18 days, apart from when I broke my hand or got a nice cut. Then I had to take of a few months to let it recover. Even when I broke my hand and it was in a cast I remember my trainer saying, “No problem. Fight next week, Only elbow”. Haha, as crazy as it sounds this is true :)

What I’m getting at is, this is why I done my TEFL. So that when the time comes that maybe I can’t fight or whilst I am training and fighting I don’t have to 100% rely on my fight purse to keep me going, pay my rent etc. I can spent it on the good stuff, like eh………… Whiskey ;). Na, I suppose I’m lucky in the way that with some of the money I saved when I was grafting back home I could do this course and hopefully it will help make a little extra from time to time teaching. That’s the plan anyway.

Anyways, now I back in there ripping it up again and man does it feel good. Tiger Muay Thai is electric as always and everyone has something happening. One of the trainers/fighters, Lamsongkram Chuwattana is training to defend his belt at Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok on the 29th. O my is he looking scary sharp!! Those people who say Tiger Muay Thai is a farang only fight gym are far wrong. We have some beasts in there training with us every day. Check them out on the videos always getting posted on www.tigermuaythai.tv. Also my bro’s Matt & Rafael are having and got big fights coming up in Muay Thai & MMA. Tigers JJ Ambrose is ripping up the MMA scene with his up and coming appearance on Bellator Fighting Championships. Also Ray’s even got his six pack showing just now and he won’t put it away…lol.

p.s. I forgot to say, I got an A+ on my TEFL so to say I was happy is an understatement.

Expect to see me fighting again on the 14th of March, it’s going to be a good one.

Jimmy ;)

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