Written by Micah Terry, Saturday 23rd Jul 2011
Don’t Drink The Water!

So, here I am about a week out from fight day, training hard as hell, decided to disregard common sense, and chugged the wrong water. That’s right, I drank the Thai water and now I feel like I am fighting to get off of my death bed, lol!

I wake up every morning to put in my road work, 4-5 rounds on pads, 3 rounds of bag work, clinching, and on some days sparring or sprints.

Being able to handle this intensity of training 2 times a day for 6 days a week will automatically paint the mental picture in anyones head that they are super human. However, let me clear something up for you….. You’re not!!!

For some reason this week I convinced my self that I was just that; a 6-4″, 92kg, super human. I even started telling my self between rounds “Homie, you are a beast man!” ” As hard as you are training nothing can stop you!!!!” “One sip of water out of the community training jug can’t hurt you!” …… not smart!

With a fever, runny nose, soar throat, nausea, body aches and dizziness to back me up on this imma just remind you that no one is super human. You have got to always train healthy, safe, and smart! If you are training in Thailand don’t try to be a cheap skate like me. Spend the extra 20 THB and get your self a few unopened bottles of water for training! Stay away from the ring side water cooler, it will do you a lot of good.

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