Written by Jimmy Irvine Allan, Tuesday 14th Jun 2011
An Introductiuon

My name is James Irvine Allan A.K.A Jimmy, born in Scotland in 1984. I’m a fully qualified and Time served Carpenter and Joiner to trade and Martial Arts enthusiast.

Doing Martial Arts for most of my life is what has brought me on this amazingly exciting journey to Tiger Muay Thai & Mixed Martial Arts, Thailand, where I’m fulfilling one of my all time dreams & goals of living the life of a professional fighter. This is a whole lot better than I had ever imagined to have come from a small village in the Scottish Borders. Through hard work, dedication, and a whole lot of self believe it is amazing how far you can go. Just as one of my all time legends ‘Bruce Lee’ said and many like minded people around “What thou shall think, thou shall become”.

As I write this blog I am currently back in my home village of Ancrum. After a solid 18months of training twice a day, every day under Masters from the Shaolin Temple, Hennan Province, China for 6 months training traditional Shaolin Kungfu, Tai chi, Qi Gong & Sanshou kickboxing and then under some of the best Muay Thai Masters in the whole of Thailand for a further 14 months at Tiger Muay Thai & Mixed Martial Arts(managing to have 15 full Thai rules professional fights). I decide it was time to come back and spend a very much looked forward to visit of my family and friends. Mostly my Grandparents as they certainly aren’t getting younger.

So over the next few blogs whilst I’m back with my family(still managing to train everyday of course). I plan to take you through how I went about travelling through Asia chasing my dream of learning Martial Arts from the best out there and how I have managed to find myself now living and competing full time in Thailand. All from just a thought in my head! I will also take you through some of the fun times I had whilst trying.

Then by that time I’ll be back at Tiger Muay Thai training every day and competing every couple of weeks keeping you up to date on how living , training and fighting in Thailand is going and giving you an inside look.

Thanks for reading. Keep on believing in yourself and chasing yours dreams. It’s definitely worth it!!



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