Written by Jimmy Irvine Allan, Sunday 26th Jun 2011
Chasing Your Dreams

Man I miss Thailand & Muay Thai. As I said in my last Blog, I am currently home for a much needed catch up with family and friends. Now being home for a little over a month, eating as much home cooking as possible, loads o cups of tea with the Grandparents, and a few weekend bender night outs with my mates. I am more than ready to get back to Thailand. Don’t get me wrong the eating mamas home cooking, cups of tea, and endless laughs have been awesome. But the calls of Sun shining weather, beautiful beaches, delicious Thai cuisine and of course the GRIND of training everyday in the Art of Muay Thai boxing are just far too hard to resist! And this for sure is when I am most happy and content.

So every day now I am doing what I can to save money for spending in Thailand, getting insurance, flights etc. Which I’m sure everyone knows is not easy. But with the mental image of what I am saving for is defo a motivational tool. Every night watching different fights, training videos and training when I can, Teaching MuayThai to my mates, also all helps keep me motivated for sure. I’m well on track for getting back over to Thailand in the coming months. It doesn’t take long to save the pennies as long as you can keep the out goings as low as possible and stay away from the pub!£$£$

Many people get stuck in that loop where they convince there self it’s not possible to achieve there goals. Whether it be from loosing 2inches to get back into those old jeans or to save the cash to travel around the world. Ok sometimes these goals can’t be reached over night but as long as you have a realistic time scale and are willing to fight/pull/scrape or put in the work/effort to get there you most defiantly will!

Watch this space.

Cheers Jimmy

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