Written by Jimmy Irvine Allan, Monday 22nd Aug 2011
The Countdown

The long awaited countdown is finally here! After 4 super long months of hard graft back on the tools in Scotland, doing pretty much anything I can for cash it has finally came the time I can get the flights booked up. One year education visa back from the embassy, insurance sorted. Everything is sorted, just need to get myself back in as good shape as I can!

As I’ve not got a car at this time because it doesn’t help with the saving I’ve not been able to drive to the nearest Muay Thai classes, so training has consisted of me teaching my mates with a pair of double pads with them then returning the favour and holding them for me, cheers Babes. Also one of the guys I’ve been working with used to be a boxing coach at the Sparta gym in Edinburgh so not only has he been holding the pads for me when he can, he’s been keeping a close eye on my diet at work every day keeping me away from the bacon and haggis rolls and with his motivational experience keeping me focused on my goal!! Cheers Dez;)… Other than that I’ve been running, swimming and doing circuits of weights as much as possible. Just can’t wait to get back to Tiger and training with the team. Man I miss you guys and the lifestyle in Thailand with every day brining and learning something new! Not long now tho!! HAPPY DAYS  

Well done to two of my team mates, Brian Robertson and Nadia Kloster for competing at the Queen’s Birthday and from the sounds of it having great fights! Can’t wait to see the videos. Check out all the fights at www.tigermuaythai.tv

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