Jamie "Milkman" Mackinnon

Jamie Mackinnon is Originally from Scotland.

A BJJ Blue Belt under Professor Elbe, Jamie is looking to gain experience through competition as he continues to establish a resume that will allow him to fight professionally in MMA Internationally.

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Monday 5th Sep 2011
Is it a bird? Is it a Plane?

No it's Jj Ambrose lol Jj headed off to Saipan last night for his final preparation for his fight on Rights of passage 11 on the 9th. Jj has had a hard training camp and while he was over in the US training he recieved his Bjj Brown belt under Tracy Hess. Jj is on a tear winning 13 out of his...

Saturday 3rd Sep 2011
My last fight at Patong Stadium Well I did get the W but still not happy with the performance. Going into this fight I was still a bit banged up from the last one so will let myself off on a few things lol. I had injured my left foot and my right shin was still knocked up from the...

Thursday 1st Sep 2011
Not to be missed

Phuket Pro Nutrition is getting behind and supporting the Fighters and members of TMT by offering 10% discount on all supplements in store. Phuket Pro Nutrition has the widest range of all the best supplements you will need for your training. Located in Patong only 30 minutes from camp simply go...

Friday 26th Aug 2011
Some me time :)

I won my fight last night with a 2nd round TKO. It was only my 3rd Thai fight and I was still a little bit nervous causing me to be a bit hesitant to throw anything other than my hands and knees in the clinch. Guess it will get better the more I train and get in the ring. I still have a...

Wednesday 24th Aug 2011
Ready for the Launch

Johnny at Phuket Pro Nutrition has been hard at it getting the new website up and running. You will find everything you need for all types of training needs with a huge range of the lastest and best brands at great prices. The site is finally finished and looks great so click the link and check...

Monday 15th Aug 2011
My last fight This is the video of my last Muay Thai fight. It is a disappointing end to what was a really good fight. Things started of a bit shakey in the 1st round and my opponant landed a couple of powerful rights that rocked me but I...