Matthew Semper

Matthew Semper of the USA trained at 5 points Muay Thai before packing his bags and moving to Tiger Muay Thai.

A veteran of over 20 fights, Matt has won several fights by devastating KO’s.

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Tuesday 3rd Jul 2012

Super sorry to the people that follow my blog. My mind has been wondering for a few day but I am on track n ready to show you guys whats goin on in my fight world once again ^_^ So im back to work now goin in hard six and some times 7 days a week up until my fight on august 19 in China. I will...

Tuesday 19th Jun 2012
Muay Kao to another level!

After many fight cancellations I am finally getting my ring time i have been needing! I have been getting itchy knuckles for the last couple weeks and have been hungry for fights. Last Wednesday I got my chance to fight against a very strong opponent from J.Prapa Muay Thai named Giorgio...

Monday 4th Jun 2012
Rafael Pinto? 2 words… BEAST-MODE!

Tonight there will definitely be a war in patong tonight! I was told that my Tiger brother Rafael would be fighting Salatan for the second time. Salatan is known for his beastly bone breaking low kicks that have put many men down for the count. Rafa is one of my main train partners at Tiger....

Wednesday 30th May 2012
300,000baht cash and a belt?! SWEEEEET

Tomorrow one of my Tiger brothers will be fighting on Thai TV Channel 7 in the Toyota Cup. This Is a big step up for him and will truly make a name for himself in this tourny. There are many great fighters in the 8man tournament such as Sittichai Sitsongpeenong, Leo Monteiro & Leonard...

Wednesday 23rd May 2012
Brotha from anotha motha!

When I first arrived at tiger in 2008 I was greeted by a few of the trainers and kids at the camp but a few of us became super close and pretty much became family. We ate, slept, trained and partied together everyday. These guys were one of the reasons I have stayed at tiger for so...

Monday 7th May 2012
DAMN She can throw a punch! :P

So i had gotten an awesome surprise today when my good friend(and my future wifey...she just doesnt know it yet xP)  Pannie hit me up on skype. I had not spoken to her for a good 2-3 months now since we r both putting lots of work at the gym plus the 5hr time difference :'( Pannie is a...