Matthew Semper

Matthew Semper of the USA trained at 5 points Muay Thai before packing his bags and moving to Tiger Muay Thai.

A veteran of over 20 fights, Matt has won several fights by devastating KO’s.

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Wednesday 5th Dec 2012
WPMF King’s Birthday So its been a pretty crazy week! One opponent cancels and another a no show X_x I still had an awesome fight against Max Saengmorakot! i really didnt have many problems during the fight other then some blood getting in my eyes...BUT AFTER i had to get...

Saturday 24th Nov 2012

SO YEA its been even more active at TMT then usual! TMT is holding tryouts for the NEW & IMPROVED MMA team. There are thirteen applicants but only five will make the cut. I have seen these guys in actions and there is so much talent and good vibes it will be difficult to make decision on who...

Tuesday 9th Oct 2012
Back to work!

So Its Fleet Week here in Phuket and i was called to fight on a card last min. Not being 100% I still went in there to bang! My knee isnt in all that good of shape from my previous fight so i will have to take care of it before i get...

Friday 21st Sep 2012
A test of Heart?…BRING IT

SOOOO after being out of training for over a month I had a fight set up... My opponent was a no show so the head trainer from Patong Boxing Gym stepped in to take his place. Sonram Kiatbusaba is a SUPER strong fighter that was once a Northern Thailand Champion and had well over 200 fights under...

Thursday 12th Jul 2012
Ride it out!!!

so yea last night i went to war and it was a good one! We were getting into some good exchanges. later in the fight io started to dominate in the clinch and was about to win the fight when less then a min before the end of the round got hit with a elbow in the mouth that broke my front tooth so i...

Tuesday 10th Jul 2012
Get well little bro :(

So yea...Im not a very emotional guy and even when someone close to me has lost a life or is badly injured i will not shed a tear or go into a depressed state like others do...I Just keep focused and train harder to keep my mind off of the bad thats going on around me. I didnt grow up in a very...