Written by Jesper Freyschuss, Tuesday 3rd Apr 2012
Good weekend

As most of you guys already know it was the BBQ Beatdown last weekend, and it was awesome!

Had my first Muay Thai fight but lost to a decision, In my opinion I should have won! Well thats life ^^ Got kneed in the head 3 times and kicked in the face after I had slipped and was grounded! That was less fun, should have been deducted points for my opponent or something!
Keep hearing some people say that it’s okay to knee in the head in the BBQ. I didnt get to participate in any kind of rules meeting so I dont know!  But if knees to the head are allowed why do we have to wear 16oz gloves? We should just downgrade to 10oz or 12oz then! :P

Anyways no more whining! The MMA fights in this BBQ was freaking awesome! Maybeeeee not the most technical fights but entertaining as hell. lol! Had many friends who fought this time around so was cornering 5 people. The turnout was 4 wins and 1 loss. Proud of everyone who fought. It takes courage just to step into the cage!

Now it’s a new week with new opportunities, so far I’ve been training like a beast! Had a bit of a cold last week so only did two days of training, and this week and doing a visa run to Burma. So feels like I have to train a bit extra just to compensate :P


Morning Jiu jitsu
Evening Jiu jitsu


Morning Jiu jitsu
Evening Jiu jitsu

A decent amount of classes for two days! Im pretty tired at the moment :P Just have to survive Wednesday and then I can sleep all the way to Burma!

And last but not least a Video from my Muay Thai fight this weekend!

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