Jimmy Irvine Allan

Jimmy Irvine Allan is a strong punching prospect from Scotland.

Starting his career with several impressive KO wins, Jimmy is looking to continue competing in Muay Thai while trying to establish himself as one of the top Foreign Muay Thai fighters living in Thailand.

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Monday 22nd Aug 2011
The Countdown

The long awaited countdown is finally here! After 4 super long months of hard graft back on the tools in Scotland, doing pretty much anything I can for cash it has finally came the time I can get the flights booked up. One year education visa back from the embassy, insurance sorted. Everything is...

Sunday 26th Jun 2011
Chasing Your Dreams

Man I miss Thailand & Muay Thai. As I said in my last Blog, I am currently home for a much needed catch up with family and friends. Now being home for a little over a month, eating as much home cooking as possible, loads o cups of tea with the Grandparents, and a few weekend bender night outs...

Tuesday 14th Jun 2011
An Introductiuon

My name is James Irvine Allan A.K.A Jimmy, born in Scotland in 1984. I’m a fully qualified and Time served Carpenter and Joiner to trade and Martial Arts enthusiast. Doing Martial Arts for most of my life is what has brought me on this amazingly exciting journey to Tiger Muay Thai & Mixed...